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What I’m Working On

I love hearing what my favourite authors are working on and the ones who talk about it are the websites I tend to go to frequently. Because I write and edit so slow I’ve been hesitant about talking about my work in progress but I thought I’d give you an idea of what’s happening.

Currently with my publisher and waiting to be edited:

Dawn of the Cyborg. When the leader of the cyborg who’d attacked Earth request Aurora of the Phoenix Foundation to be sent to him, the President of the United Earth Nations ask her to spy on the cyborgs.

Alien Redeemed is The Zyrgin’s story and I am on the second rough draft. It should be out in 2018 as well.

I am Dragon is the story of Sagae, who staggers into a dragon outpost. She looks like nothing they’ve ever seen and they think she might be a snake or maybe one of those beings told of in old wives tales of humans. They’ve never seen humans but the general thought is that they are so repulsive they eat their own young. Sagae has amnesia but is convinced she’s a dragon and if only she wasn’t so arrogant maybe the dragons wouldn’t be so tempted to kill her. I have the rough draft done and gave it a first comprehensive edit. Still a lot of work to do on it.

++ Rough drafts written and to be edited by me before I hand them in to the publisher.
(please note this means there is still months of work to be done on it and a lot may still change)

* * * *

Partly written:

Blood Torn (Partly written). This is partly written and is the story about Mary, a vampire that is born weak and without teeth and the ability to absorb blood. But she can see the future. And she sees herself saving the world along with two other women. She also sees herself married to Adama, leader of the vampires.

Wing Torn (Written and partly edited). Shahara, an angel have to convince Josiah, the leader of the Draguur that a ruthless enemy is about to destroy both their peoples.

Soul Torn (rough outline done). Magdalena is a Draguur but discovers she inherited magic and is destined to save the world.

Lastly I also plotted out a steampunk trilogy I am very excited about.

I am also working on a trilogy:

An old prophecy foretold that a vampire without teeth, an angel without wings and a witch without magic will one day save the world from a terrible evil.


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